– Testimonials –

"For more than a decade, since back in the "Joe Days", Craig, and the Crew at Aronica, have consistently provided us with experienced and professional tree and cleanup services. Believe me when I say that we know the difference between tree hacks and tree professionals! Aronica's crew is only professional! The crew works all day (and mightily) without compromising our precious and valued perennial and vegetable gardens; or our fences; or our house! We feel complete peace of mind knowing that, at the end of the day, our trees and property have been treated with respect. Where trees are concerned, we respect, in most cases, the practiced philosophy of "intervention before removal", and this can only happen if a thorough and knowledgeable assessment of property and tree health has taken place. Aronica crews have been personable, polite and respectful of our viewpoints and concerns. They are the best at what they do. Aronica crews are regularly invited back and are always welcome at our home. Really, what more can be said? Except, thank-you."


Longtime and Loyal Customer, Stony Brook, New York


"For over ten years, Aronica Lawn & Tree has provided prompt and efficient service in both emergency and scheduled tree removals and trimming."


Ted Lucki, Mayor,Village of Belle Terre


"I have been a Certified Arborist for 36 years and can say that Aronica Professional Landscape and Tree Care Inc. are real professionals. As Grounds and Landscape Manager for Stony Brook University, I have Aronica as my tree contractor and they have shown knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and general understanding of what we are looking to accomplish here at the University. They are very safety conscience especially with students always walking around campus. When they have completed a job, whether it's a tough take down or just ground pruning, they leave the area clean as if they weren't even there. Having a company like Aronica makes my job a lot easier!"


M. DiBlasi (Stony Brook University)


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